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Меморіальний музей пам’яті жертв Бабиного Яру

Zisels: Synagogue on Babyn Yar graveyard is ‘super provocation’ aimed at discrediting Ukraine

Autor — Halya Coynash A suit has been lodged with the District Administrative Court in Kyiv against extremely contentious moves to build a synagogue on the site of the former Kyrylivske Christian Orthodox graveyard behind the Menorah at Babyn Yar.  The court reported on 29 March that the suit is asking for the construction work to be…
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Yana Prymachenko: Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial between third memory boom and hybrid war

Yana Prymachenko, Senior Researcher, Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine On 23 April 2020, the historian community was shaken by the statement of Professor Karel Berkhoff, a leading expert on Holocaust in Central and Eastern Europe and the former chief historian of Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center (BYHMC). He expressed his…
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Russian oligarch plans for Babyn Yar seem aimed at fuelling anti-Semitism in Ukraine

Autor — Halya Coynash Prominent Ukrainian Jewish figures have initiated an impassioned appeal against the latest plans linked with the highly contentious  Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Complex.  They suspect that the new plans, which are sponsored by Russian oligarchs, for a synagogue to be built on the site of a Kyrylivske Christian Orthodox graveyard are deliberate provocation,…
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Звернення українських євреїв до громадськості України (переклад англійською)

Звернення українських євреїв до громадськості України щодо спроби керівництва проекту Меморіального центру Голокосту «Бабин Яр» (МЦГБЯ) у Києві збудувати синагогу на землі Кирилівського православного цвинтаря у Бабиному Ярі. Переклад англійською. Dear friends and colleagues, This year, the media published a lot of materials in support of the Ukrainian project for the comprehensive memorialization of Babi…
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